CL chromatography scanning imaging system
1. CT brief introduction
HATATEST Eyesky100 industrial CT is a CL scanning system which is equipment with :
-- An advanced micro focus size x ray generator source with maximum energy 100kV and focus size 5 μ M.
-- A high-definition dynamic amorphous silicon flat-panel detector with imaging area 130mm * 130mm, pixel size of 85 μ M.

HATATEST Eyesky100 industrial CT system can carry out CT acquisition in two modes: normal CT and CL.

It is used for the structural inspection of plate composite materials in the fields of aviation, aerospace, ship industry, etc., such as honeycomb cemented plate, solar sailboard, aircraft blade, wax film, 3D printing parts, etc. In addition, the electronic products widely used in the electronic industry, such as multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) and ball grid array (BGA), are also of plate structure.

(a) Physical image of sample

(b) Cl scanning reconstruction image of sample

Laminated lithium ion battery to be tested

CL reconstruction image

CL scan projection image