System Unique Highlights
Flat Panel detector
  • 1. HTJW1012D DR System can work with variable-frequency X RAY Generator
  • 2. Support Dynamic superposition,get more clearer image
  • 3. HT0412JW was born for weld. His long strip shape meets the requirements of weld inspection and saves customers'costs at the same time.
Software unique technology
  • 1. 3D visualization splicing technology, while other brands only can splice into one 2D images
  • 2. One-click cascading fine enhancement patented technology.(Patent technology)
  • 3. Multi-energy Fusion Technology :One-time exposure imaging of objects with different densities
    and thicknesses. Patent technology
  • 4. Intelligently eliminate scattered x ray
  • 5. Defect depth accurate measurement
Product List
HATATEST Applications

More than 2000 DR successful detection cases. we use DR in electric power,Automobile,High-speed rail,casting,rubber,Aeronautics,Military ,Architecture,these industry. In Pipeline industry, we have ever managed to detect the pipe with 580mm anti corrosion layers, high pressure pipes in service filled with gas,ammonia and water.

In addition to conventional weld detection, object profile detection and corrosion detection, we have the following successful cases:

    • 1) Inspection of Automobile Hubs and Components
    • 2) GIS Detection
    • 3) Automotive tire inspection
    • 4) Food safety testing
    • 5) Semiconductor Devices
    • 6) Battery Detection of Electric Vehicles
    • 7) Bomb Detection
    • 8) Piston detection
    • 9) Inspection of Cylinder Block of Air Pump
    • 10) Inspection of Connectors for Railway Carriage
    • 11) Inspection of Refractories
    • 12) Inspection of Train Wheels and Wheel Frames
    • 13)Construction industry Shear Wall Sleeve Inspection
  • Price advantage
    • NDT Film with the manufacturer price
    • Unique technology make our cost more competitive
    • HTJW1012D is the only panel who can match variable-frequency X RAY Machine
    • One variable-frequency X RAY Machine cost is only 10% of the Pulse x ray machine and 5% of Constant potential X-ray machine
    • Keep the lowest price compared the same level DR systems in market
  • Powerful software
    • Administration: User Management, Project Management, Data Management,Dual energy exposure, Multi-frame integral acquisition
    • Static analysis: File operation, Image Processing, Image marking, Precision measurement, Database Management
    • System setup
  • Manufacturer support
    • Offer one marketing website
    • Financial and product support to distributors on exhibition
    • 7*24 hours technical support on line
    • Free software upgrade for life
    • 12 months warranty and after-service center