Steel Pipe Crawler - Spider-Man
Spider-Man series steel pipe crawler is a portable X ray DR system for steel pipe welds developed and manufactured by HATATEST’S technical team. Spider-Man steel pipe crawler can easily carry HATATEST's x ray generators and flat DR panel detectors to do radiographic non-destructive testing of steel pipes .

HATATEST Steel pipe crawler has the following advantage comparing the other brands steel pipe crawler for NDT in the market:
-- Real Portability: You can carry this steel pipe crawler in a backpack.
-- Rapid installation and dismantling : In just 10 seconds, you can install this steel pipe crawler on the steel pipe you need to inspect.
-- Full battery power supply: Without any power supply, this steel tube crawler can work to meet the needs of field work.
-- Simple operation: Wireless remote control or software control
-- Economical and practical: HATATEST steel pipe crawler can work on the pipe whose OD is from 217mm to 1200mm.Single well thickness 5-19mm.
-- Adjustable Radiographic angle: support both double wall single image and double wall double Image.