Automatic DR Detection System for Pipeline Weld--PT360
The traditional method of radiographic inspection for weld of oil and gas pipeline is to use radiographic source and film for transmission. However, with the improvement of quality control efficiency by the construction party, the method of film imaging can not meet the requirements of customers for efficiency. In addition, the film also has some problems, such as image processing, poor preservation, environmental pollution and so on.


Based on this situation, HATATEST independently developed the PT360 pipeline weld DR automatic detection system. The highlights of PT360 pipeline weld DR automatic detection system are as follows:
-- Aluminum alloy chain spider, light and easy to carry
-- 400-1219 mm, any caliber can be used
-- Battery drive, maximum working time 12 hours
-- Software control (start and stop can be controlled manually by software, or automatic start and stop can be set)
-- Single-arm or double-wall transillumination
-- The whole installation process only takes 2 minutes
-- Real time imaging, greatly improved detection efficient
-- Image quality ISO 17636-2 Class B
-- Adjust the fixed device of the radiation source according to the customer's requirements, and match different radio sources

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