Non-destructive testing---Eddy current testing

1. Metal pipe inspection
The batch pipe generally adopts the eddy current automatic flaw detection device, which can automatically alarm, automatically record, automatically sort and automatically stop.
Fast, efficient, and sensitive to critical longitudinal crack detection.

2. In-service pipeline maintenance inspection
Corrosion cracking or corrosion thinning.
Internal detection coil

3. Inspection of metal bars, wires and wires
Large-volume production of bars and wires can be inspected using an automatic flaw detection device similar to tubing. However, in order to detect the deeper defects on the surface of the bar, the operating frequency lower than that of the pipe of the same diameter should be selected, and the frequency of wire mesh inspection is higher to obtain the appropriate f/fg. value.

4. Structural parts fatigue crack detection
Structural components in service may have various defects, especially fatigue cracks. The aircraft maintenance department uses eddy current testing methods to check for such dangerous defects.

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