-- Strip shape design, born for weld, more suitable in narrow space.
-- The most efficient practical area, the lowest product cost
--Sturdy and Durable : made from Mg material , IP66 protection level, passed 1.2 meter drop test.
-- Light weight , removable handle and wireless
-- Higher energy range : High energy range : 40 ~ 330Kvp, Ir-192
-- Powerful HTSW7.0 software which specially designed for industry NDT
-- Based on ISO 17636 specification

HT0412JW Portable Digital Radiographic system is a real industry DR system for NDT . HATATEST HT0412JW DR flat panel detector’s energy range is 40-330KV, belongs to High energy portable DR panel . HT0412JW DR panel detector was born for Weld X ray inspection.

HT0412JW portable DR flat panel detector is an ideal choice for remote field work. Unlike other panels claiming to be weatherproof in their protective carrying case, HT0412JW flat panel detector has an IP66 water and dust resistant level without a protective case! With HATATEST HT0412JW Portable DR system , you can stop wrapping your DDA panels in bags and continue to work in rain, snow, mud or whatever nature throws at you!

System Standard Products
  • One HT0412JW flat panel detector with Handle
  • Battery pack
  • 30 meters of net cable
  • Cable power box
  • Laptop Computer ,Including Image Processing Software
  • Packing box
  • Mouse
  • USB Wire Converter
  • Router (power supply, connection line)

HT0412JW is a Industry Digital Flat Panel for ND. The Feature of HT0412JW Industry DR Panel system are:

  • Scintillator
  • Active Area
    97.7 x 292.6 mm
  • Active Pixels
    769 x 2304 pixels
  • Pixel Pitch
  • Limiting Resolution
    3.9 lp/mm
  • A/D Conversion
    14/16 bits
  • Window Time
    ≤ 10 sec
  • Interface
    (1)Wired : 1Gbps Ethernet;(2)Wireless : 802.11 a/g/n Wireless LAN
  • Energy Range
    40~330 kVp
  • Dimension(W x L x H)
    160 x 400 x 30 mm
  • Weight
    ≤2.3kg (include Battery, Handle)
  • Software
System Selection Products
  • DR imaging evaluation system
  • X ray generator
  • Steel pipe crawlers
  • FPD supporter
  • Radiation alarm

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